Sunday, 25 September 2011

what a way to make a living...

So I’ve kind of abandoned this blog thing, sorry about that <3  but on the other hand, people are pestering me to update it, which is a nice feeling J  this week has been musical – last Saturday we went to a couchsurfing meeting (so many people there, for such a small town) and one of the girls we met does karelian folk dancing, and invited us along ^_^ so that’s what we did both Monday and Thursday,

This is big news, as the last time I did country dancing I ended up with a dislocated kneecap and a month in plaster…  but it was fun :) what we lack in finesse, we make up for with enthusiasm I think. 

(not my knee)

And then Friday and Saturday was Carelian Faces festival (link) ^_^  I was under the impression that it was a folk festival, but it was very mixed.  It was very bizarre, as the actual thing at Das Kapital finished at about 10pm, but then everyone went to a different club for the afterparty, where the bands who were playing on the other day played… generally I preferred the music on the Friday, but then everything was made better by CAROLINE, the fantastic glam rock band from I think Finland, who were just amazing (especially when they played 9 to 5) <3 Lucy and I both fell in love with the lead singer, but I saw him at the bar at the afterparty, and he was quite short, which made me sad.  He still had perfect cheekbones though.

he was prettier in the flesh...
Also at that party I got all offended because of a Zambian Rastafarian, which was a first.  He had done sets both nights talking about respecting this, and respecting that, and old people, and middle aged people, and children (but none of that Michael Jackson stuff), although at one point he did suggest we burn the Queen, which was a bit far, I thought.  Anyway, I decided to put that behind me, and when I saw him at the party I liked his hair, and I told him.  I don’t care’ - that was the response I got.  What do you say to that?  I’m not sure how I responded, but I was really offended… I’m not sure if I committed some horrendous faux pas, or if he was just rude, but either way, misery guts…

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