Friday, 9 September 2011

first day on a brand new planet

So, we've lasted nearly a WEEK <3 nice one, go team :)

My host's name is Irina, and she's very lovely, she works in the university so she knows all the goings on and most of our teachers.  We also live with her sister Tamara and her poodle (complete with pompoms) called Irma.  Our flat is quite small, but *thankfully* on the ground floor, which is great until someone walks through the park as i'm getting changed (x>_<x)  but it's ok. 

i'm not so good at photographing rooms...
that's my room <3  the lessons are fun, we do a mixture of all sorts, and I can feel myself improving, which is good  yay! \ (^_^) / 
the town is small, but lovely, I think, there are a few nice places to go and the lake is beautiful.  At the moment anyway... one of our teachers suggested taking a picture of it every day, and while I can't quite be bothered to do that, I will try to take lots.

 Some of us went out on a Grand Russian Finding Mission on tuesday.  it was a lot of fun, but we suffered for it the next day.  And we were successful!  Hurrah!  I hope this is the start of many great adventures <3

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