Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Keep the car running...

A whole week since my last post… And it’s been a fun week <3  Karelian dancing is becoming more fun as people are getting used to us, and we are bonding with the locals J  one of them attempted to teach me to waltz yesterday, without much success, I admit, but he tried…  I will learn it before Monday.  Still far too many girls in the group though, we have to sit out a lot, but I finally got some photos of us!  And a video, but stupid internet won’t let me put it up… 

The reason I’m learning for Monday not Thursday is …. I’m getting a haircut on Thursday!  Yay!  I may end up with a mullet.  Or one of those very short European fringes. Or both…  we will see.  This is going to be a challenge, I can feel it… but the wonderful Marina has been invaluable – she booked me an appointment at her hairdressers, and has promised to come with me… Everything will be fine J
this is not my mullet.

This weekend was a fun party weekend ^_^  on Saturday we went to Marina’s (my haircut companion <3) for a party.  We drank beer and played twister and MAFIA… I still don’t really understand that game, but it’s fun J  I lost at twister though, epic fail  I suppose balancing isn’t really my forte. 

Sunday, slightly hungover, Rob and I went to (finally) meet my doppelganger!  Yay!  She isn’t really my doppelganger, but still, weirdly, she is called Katja and has my date of birth…  close enough to be weird…  She was very nice, and works as a secretary of a political party, which is interesting, and speaks SUCH GOOD ENGLISH.  It’s not fair, I want to speak foreign…  In fairness, I did have a proper conversation with Pani Marta after polish today, although it was very confusing for everyone involved.

Then, Sunday night, still slightly hungover, I joined a game of NITE LIGA (russian link).  Apparently others have heard of it under the name of Encounter… I don’t know, never heard of that either… it’s like a treasure hunt, you get given clues which lead you to an address in the city, where you find a code, written on a drainpipe or something, and you phone the code through and get given the next clue.  Normally it’s done in cars, but on Sunday we did it on foot.  Three hours running around the city in the dark, solving Russian language cryptic clues.  Needless to say, I was a liability I think am sure, but it was fun.  And it helped me kind of learn my way around.  Kind of.  Hey, I’ve only been here a month.  But now my legs ache.  And I have a cold, because I didn’t wear a scarf.  I want a bacon sandwich. 
as if i just googleimagesed bacon sandwich...

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