Friday, 2 September 2011

The Final Countdown...

This is it then I guess...  I'm packed (ish), my passport's in my bag, my roubles are in my purse and I've said goodbye to nearly everyone, some people twice.  Now I'm just sort of sitting and waiting until it's late enough to go to bed - I'm getting up at 3am after all.

Rachel got me an Edward Monkton card  /\ and journal, which was super sweet of her, and got everyone to sign it, which was sweet even if Bomb signed it while I was thereNow I feel sort of obliged to keep a journal though :)  I will do my best \ (^_^) /

Sian and I went to see One Day on Wednesday, and I admit, I loved it.  Yes it was predictable, and yes, Anne Hathaway's yorkshire (?) accent was appalling, but it was nice.  A bit like Atonement, but with a happier ending.  And it had Romola Garai in it, and I think she's fantastic.  She seems to have suddenly appeared in a lot of stuff I've seen recently (Glorious 39 and The Hour e.g.) but IMDb says she's been doing a fair bit for the last ten years. 

Also, if I start spouting conspiracy theories anytime soon, it's because I've started reading WikiLeaks... you should too <3

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