Friday, 26 August 2011

seagulls screaming kiss her kiss her

ooh, new blog <3  I've lost count of how many times i've started a new blog...  this time it's powered by something beyond my own self indulgence though, so perhaps it's a keeper :)  someone pointed out to me that by writing what I'm doing, I won't have to keep telling people, so read and enjoy then <3  I have a feeling it's going to be [disappointingly] boring, perhaps I will ...make some stuff up occasionally :)

I went to a spa for a few days with mum this week, as a sort of >>mother daughter bonding exercise<<, before I leave \ ('o') /.  I had a lovely time, and we did lots of different things, and I'm a little ashamed that the first thing that comes to mind that I did was tried rollmops.  It wasn't perhaps the best part of the trip, but certainly the one that's clearest in my mind...
Year abroad is getting scarily close...  I have
  • visa
  • roubles ordered
  • a landlady called Irina
  • mittens, knit by my own fair hand
  • an umbrella

my mittens of awesomeness

still no suitcase though...  there's time yet.  time which I waste knitting at the moment, I have knit those mittens, a scarf, a sweater, half  a bedspread, and I think seven and a bit socks.  I say 7 and a bit because at the moment I have this:

I think I'm going to miss being beside the sea, even though I haven't been to the beach for a very long time.  It's more the idea of it, I guess, knowing that I can go any time I want...  I keep thinking of things that I want to do this summer, and I only have a week left to do them, it's not going to happen, I want to make jam, to go scrumping, to go to the beach and swim in the sea, and many other summery sort of things...  but instead I'm sitting in my house, wearing my kigu and knitting socks....
it is a nice beach...

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  1. Sounds interesting, please keep up your blog from Russia, I'd like to know what it feels like to be there like a language student. I like the way you write, more! :)